Business Starter Pack

Our starter Business Pack includes two T26P Yealink Business VOIP Handsets and our own Custom Control Box.

The Business Pack comes loaded with numerous additional features built in to allow more advanced configuration of your phone system. With a standard install the following will be configured on all Asterisk systems:

Call Queues – Inbound calls will be placed into a general queue, while the caller is listening to a standard ringing tone the system will ring all available extensions until the call is picked up.

Outbound Routes – Calls will be configured to run through specified accounts, for example you may choose to have all National calls routed through a different carrier for cheaper rates.

Automated After Hours – The system will be configured with your standard operating hours, callers will be sent to voicemail after hours, and proceed through to the standard queue during normal hours.

Voicemail – Each extension will be provided a voicemail box, with email notifications when a new message is available. E­mail notifications can be sent to any address, and can include an audio file with the message attached.

* Additional configuration options can be specified at extra cost.

Price for Starter Business Pack with one Phone and Control Box

Setup Ready to Go with one Direct Dial in number.

Plug in to ADSL or Cable connection and its ready.



Add another Handset  $250.00

Add a Colour Screen Handset $350.00

Add a Cordless Voip Phone   $195.00

The Package can be altered or changed to fit with your Business

Call Costs

Line Rental                      $9.95 per month

Local and Australia Wide  $0.12c UNTIMED
Mobiles                           $0.35 per minute (billed per second)
13/1300                           $0.35